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Welcome, we're working on a new website.

Over the years life changes and evolves for all of us.  For us, this evolution has been the addition of our children and our homestead growing into a farm for small fruit, willow and medicinal herbs. 


To better consolidate our efforts and make the page more representational of what we are now as a family, we called a meeting.  Our board of directors; Big Spoon, Little Spoon and CEO Mom, with CFO Dad all made the decision over hot cocoa and cookies to change the structure of "Survival Betty" to one that better suits us as a whole. 


We chose to use the name of our farm, "Håndverk Farms".  A name representational of our family, our history and our goals. Learn more about that here... You'll still find all the same great information- but now it will be in one central location. 

So please check back and bear with us as we work to change our channels and website over to reflect these exciting changes.  We hope you will continue to join us on our journey as we grow into our new endeavors