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Our thermally dried American Elderberries are FRESH from this summer's harvest!  No imports, no going through customs, no steeply discounted berries from last years harvest- these are FRESH from the field and dried this summer.  


American Elderberries are a superior product.

Most dried elderberries are wildcrafted from Europe.  These wild elderberries were tested to have the lowest quantities of anthocyanins, (Kaack, 1997; Kaack & Austed, 1998; Pliszka et al., 2005). Anthoanthcyanins, the bioactive compounds give elderberries their purple - redish color are studied for their many benefits including as a powerful antioxidant.  They promote a healthy gut, heart health, support immune function,  reduce inflammation and may improve cognitive function just to name a few.  


When you buy American elderberries, you are not only getting the very best elderberry on the market; you are buying truely a more sustainable product.  When you buy farm direct you get the freshest product, support a local grower and get to see exactly how your elderberries and elderflowers were grown!


About our packaging

We package all of our products on backyard compostable packaging.  Currently, we are working towards a more compostable label as well.  

Dried American Elderberries

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